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The SHRINE source code is a multi-module maven Maven project stored in a Subversion source control repository. This guide outlines a procedure for setting up the Eclipse IDE in order to import the SHRINE code.  We assume a unixUnix-like system, like Linux or OSXOS X, but much will be similar in other platforms. This is not meant to be an exhaustive guide, but rather to give you an idea of how to set up an environment - ; different OSs, different versions of Eclipse, different installed plugins, etc.  introduce introduce subtle differences that would be hard for us to cover here.


m2eclipse (m2e) provides reasonable integration of a maven Maven project in Eclipse. Luckily, the m2e plugin is part of the standard Eclipse bundle since the Indigo release. If you have an older version of Eclipse (Helios or older), you'll have to install the plugin manually (it is not clear if that is supported any more - please consult the interwebs).