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Download the Lucene indexing tool which is distributed as a executable jar file from here:

Create the input files:

  1. Export the data in the TABLE_ACCESS table and also the data from all the tables listed in the c_table_name column of the TABLE_ACCESS table. Any delimiter can used in the exported files but the default used in the indexing tool is '|'. There should be a header line in the exported data files. A " (quotation mark) should be used as the the escape character. Place the files for each exported table into a directory. 
    1. The exported TABLE_ACCESS is required to have the following header columns:
      1. c_table_cd
      2. c_table_name
      3. c_hlevel
      4. c_fullname
      5. c_name
      6. c_synonym_cd
      7. c_visualattributes
      8. c_basecode
      9. c_metadataxml
      10. c_tooltip


In Result, the search bar should now be able to autosuggest your input

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