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  • This command will not attempt to determine if matching resources exist already in the eagle-i repository; it is therefore not idempotent - if it is run two times with the same data file, duplicate resources will be created.
  • The value of the -p (promote) parameter indicates the desired workflow state for all resources - we recommend to choose CURATION, verify the resources were ETLd correctly, and then publish using the bulk workflow command (see below). If you've already ran a test ETL in a staging environment, choose PUBLISH directly.

  • To avoid classpath confusion, please use the fully qualified path for the dataDirectory.
  • Make sure to use the full path of your directory,, eg /Users/juliane/swift-4.3.0/mcow_ipsc/test
  • Make sure you are in your swift directory in your terminal when you execute the command.

ETL to replace existing or create new resources.