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 i2b2 1.7.05i2b2 1.7.06i2b2 1.7.07i2b2 1.7.08bi2b2 1.7.09c i2b2 1.7.10
SHRINE 1.19.2CompatibleCompatibleUnknownUnknown UnknownIncompatible†
SHRINE 1.20.1CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleUnknown UnknownIncompatible†
SHRINE 1.21.2CompatibleUnknownCompatibleUnknown UnknownIncompatible†
SHRINE 1.22.8UnknownUnknownUnknownCompatible Compatible


SHRINE 1.25.4UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownCompatibleIncompatible

† i2b2 version 1.7.10 introduced an incompatibility that is strongly suspected to be incompatible with all modern versions of SHRINE

Compatibility is defined by the following criteria: