Elements of Grant Writing

Writing grants is a challenging experience. What’s almost as challenging? Keeping all the info you need to write the grant organized and figuring out where to begin.

When an investigator sets out to write a grant, an entire landscape unfolds filled with project management tools to help track timelines, links to forms that need to be filled out, spreadsheets to assist in budgeting, and that’s not even the actual funding request that has specific requirements of its own.

In the past, academic departments and hospital research labs have simply housed all the information, tools, links, forms, and other assets to assist grant writing on a wiki or in a spreadsheet document on a shared drive. But static documents don’t really help guide someone through a process that one needs to really experience to understand.

Elements of Grant Writing is a web-based tool, using standard web technologies ( HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript), that provides users with an interactive tool to guide them through the experience of grant writing, from helping them understand what kind of grant to apply for, to samples of funded and unfunded proposals and tips on writing successful applications.

This interactive guide has been used to help support courses in grant writing and for individual investigators in our community who need assistance with the application process.