C/T Mentor Database

Medical School Students need mentors. It’s not just about building skills, it’s also about fostering inclusion and potentially increasing investigator interest in specialties that may be “undersubscribed” and in need of fresh perspectives. 

The process of finding a mentor is highly-individualized and organic in nature; some students meet with professors in office hours, some speak to investigators in their professional network, while others contact researchers who have published articles in a specialty they find interesting.

While these organic interactions can yield results for some students, many other students find it hard to even figure out where to begin their search for mentors. Potential mentors, on the other hand, are also sometimes unaware that there are students available to mentor.

The Clinical and Translational Mentor Database aims to bring more standardization to initiating these connections, by giving potential mentors a way to list research projects that can be searched by students looking for a mentor.

Mentor matching software exists in the market, but often these solutions come with a great deal of extra features and a high price. Instead of solving this problem with a platform from the market, we leveraged our common Java application framework used for other tools to quickly create the infrastructure needed to solve the problem.

This application not only provides greater visibility into open mentorship opportunities for students, but it also makes it more possible for students to view active projects in specialties they may not have previously considered.